Dr. Monique Dannhauser (1) a French native  is Coach for the French language

for scientists and executives since 50 years.

She founded and currently runs CEFLE-FRANCE
    the French language training Company based in Strasbourg - FRANCE

    Monique Dannhauser is the author of  « PARLER FRANÇAIS© » (SPEAK FRENCH),


In clear lively language, using every day words,  PARLER FRANÇAIS© is a COMPREHENSIVE SYSTEM

    to implement the mechanism of this beautiful language.

    (First translation in Spanish :  HABLAR FRANCÉS© )

    " Of course, I am proud of my academic credentials, which allow me to understand the daily work of the scientific teams
    that I am fortunate to support in their efforts and success.

    But I am just as proud of everything I have learned and continue to learn daily in the business world,
    where I have been working so happily for five decades! ”  - Monique Dannhauser

  Most of her trainees, through one-on-one learning, or as participants to her Master-classes / French labs,

  are international specialists and executives,

  recognized as being famous in their fields.

  This demonstrates the confidence they have in both their teacher, Dr. Monique Dannhauser, and her method 

  which is her proprietary method of teaching French, arising from her daily coaching experience.

  Designed for
non-French beginners, as well as intermediate speakers and those who seek improved language for their careers.


 ... A beautiful story which is still continuing today ...

     The beginning

  While a student at "Sciences Politiques" Paris, still before Graduation, Monique Dannhauser discovered the joy of giving others the skills to succed.

  The joy of making other people successful.

  Her love of teaching made her much in demand for the other students working for admission to ENA (Ecole Nationale d'Administration).

  They all succeeded with the highest ratings!  This was how she discovered her talent.

  It also gave her confidence, enough self-awarness, that she felt comfortable in introducing herself as a "French Coach"

  to the German board of Mercedes-Benz, who had just expanded in France.

   This first step in the business world -under "the Star Daimler-Benz"-

   right next to the Place de l'Étoile in Paris, was the beginning of

   ... a beautiful story which is still continuing today...

   This has led her subsequently through a lot of big and small business such as EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company),

   AIRBUS, EUROCOPTER, (highly qualified technicians and sales people, test pilots and lovers of starry skies)

   JBIC (Japan Bank for International cooperation), as well as individuals in Law, BA, and Art.


     Twenty years ago, a new era has begun.

   Monique adapts her method to the coaching of scientists,  professionals in medicine, surgery, mathematics,

   computer scientists, engineers, from major universities and research institutes.

   The full university curriculum Monique completed (from student to professor) allows her to be in step with the methods of scientific work.



   "finding the solution",

   "demanding excellence",

   "communication / scientific community",

   these words mean a lot to her.

   To create each appropriate programs, Monique spends the time needed to complete and update her knowlege

   (in topics as: computer-assisted surgery, AI,  using of data analysis for screening and treatment,

   pathologies/ therapeutic responses in ophthalmology...).

   She consults with the specialists in each field of sciences: to be able to transmit the results of the most recent research

   - and the appropriate words-  to the attendees of CEFLE-FRANCE lessons.


   Aside these she also specializes in training professionnal and amateur  musicians.

   Keep informed about the "Master classes Opera" calendar !

   (In New York, Berlin and Dublin, the public continues to triumph over the French librettos of Don Carlos, les Contes d'Hoffmann and Werther.)


   Over ten years Monique has been teaching as a professor at the University,

   and at the same time she has been coaching French as an Independant.

   She taught at University AIX-MARSEILLE (Professeur Libre at Institut d'Études Politiques and Institut d'Études françaises pour Étudiants Étrangers).

   She has also prepared candidates for the french National Administrative Examinations (E.N.A ).

   All the while she continued her job as independant French Coach, which has always been her priority.


   Since 2000 Monique devote all her time to her company CEFLE-FRANCE.

   She teaches personally or with trusted collaborators, who have been trained in her method during the past ten or twenty years.

    (1) Monique Dannhauser: Education

     Monique Dannhauser est titulaire d’une Thèse de langue et culture française.

     Le couronnement du cycle complet d’études de français effectué [Propédeutique,  Licence, Maîtrise, Thèse].


    Elle est également titulaire du Diplôme de l’Institut d’Études Politiques.  

   Ses principales publications et communications, nécessaires pour enseigner à l’Université, étaient focalisées sur la pédagogie et la langue française.

   Le thème est toujours le même:

    Le transfert des connaissances par des pédagogues

   qui passent d’une culture à une autre en les enrichissant.

    En particulier le transfert de connaissances entre la France et différents pays du monde.


   Sa thèse a été publiée en français sous le titre « De la France à l’Allemagne ».

  Au même moment, l’ouvrage a été publié en allemand sous le titre « Aus Frankreich nach Deutschland ».

  L’édition grand public a été bien accueillie aux Salons du Livre de Francfort, Leipzig et Chicago.


  Ses articles universitaires traitent des différents systèmes de formation-éducation du 16ième siècle à nos jours.

  Particulièrement à l'époque des Lumières  (Enlightenment in London / Aufklärung in Berlin).


 (2) Typical Learners of  CEFLE-FRANCE  

 30% des participants aux cours sont Européens.

 30% sont Américains ou de langue anglaise.

 40% viennent d’Asie, principalement du Japon, mais aussi de Chine, de Corée du Sud, d’Égypte, d’Inde, du Pakistan, de Taïwan ou du Vietnam.

Ils sont:

  Membres de Grandes, Moyennes et Petites Entreprises.

    Membres d’Organisation Européenne (CORPS EUROPÉEN /EUROKORPS).

  Ils sont aussi Professeurs, Médecins/ Chirurgiens, Ingénieurs, Chercheurs ou Fellows d’Universités étrangères.

 Quelques exemples, (liste non exhaustive)

- Dans le domaine de la Médecine, (principalement la Chirurgie et les Techniques biomédicales innovantes) ils viennent principalement du CHU- Strasbourg, 

de l’INRIA,  l’INSERM, de l’IHU-Strasbourg, l’IRCAD-France, IRCAD-Brésil et IRCAD-Taïwan, l’Université KEIO, Universités et Hôpitaux de TOKYO, KYOTO, KOBE (J),


  - Dans le domaine des Mathématiques, les plus récents participants viennent des Universités de BONN, AUGSBOURG, JENA, KARLSRUHE (D) de SAINT PÉTERSBOURG en Russie...

- Dans le domaine du Droit et des Sciences Politiques, ils viennent par exemple de l’IEP- Strasbourg, l’ENA, des Universités japonaises CHUO/ KEIO/ OKAYAMA...

  -  Ils viennent aussi d’Écoles d’Ingénieurs / Polytechniques, comme par exemple celles de KARLSRUHE, CORK, ROME, MILAN, TWENTE, ils sont passés le plus souvent

 par les plus célèbres formations d'Ingénieurs aux États-Unis, Russie, Europe.

  Les Musiciens, d'Opéra ou concertiste, professionnel ou amateur, s'aident de  la langue française pour mieux comprendre et jouer certaines œuvres.


  How to access CEFLE-FRANCE ?.

CEFLE-FRANCE offers several options for learning French:

  Coaching one-on-one, ONLINE or IN PERSON. (Programs of 6, 10, 24, 30 hour-lessons)

   Master-classes of 2 days (WE/week), 5 days, or more (8 hours/ days, including Lessons, Exercises and Conversations)

These Master classes can be followed by ONLINE Lessons, with the same teacher.


   Course level:

   From "Complete beginner" to A2

  from A1  to  B1/B2.

 from B1  to  C1/2 ...

 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages CEFRL- CECRL)



Lessons are available at the learners' place of work, in their country or :


   - in Strasbourg,  Alsace,


  - in house "Travarone" the flagship of CEFLE-FRANCE a plantation of hundred-year-old chestnut trees, an exceptional Dark-Sky setting (see the pictures below).



Contact us to arrange the best solution for your needs.

We will create a customized plan, based on your level, goals and professional specialty.

A telephone/online interview will be arranged and following this a personalized plan and projected cost will be sent to you

E-mail adress :  info@cefle-france.com    


  À bientôt!


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