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→ Madame/Monsieur :  Sir

Current occupation : PhD Engineering/ Ingénieur (électrique et électronique) ....  - IRLAND

→ Nationality: ITALIAN
 LEVEL : From the start to the end of this course :  From A2 to B2++
→ How many hours of lesson ? Over what duration ?  27 hours lessons.    Over a period of three months.
In what context ? PhD, research period at IHU de Strasbourg (Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire).
   Thesis at University College Cork, IRLANDE
Note : 5 / 5

 During my PhD, I did a research period in France. Starting from an elementary level of French, I found the method “Parler Français”

 proposed by Madame Dannhauser extremely useful for improving my knowledge of the language.

 Thanks to this method, I was able to develop a solid understanding of basic grammar, conjugation, and pronunciation.

 In addition, lessons with Madame Dannhauser gave me a better understanding of French culture and customs.

 The lessons were engaging and enjoyable as we often talked about engineering and medical topics related to my studies.

 Overall, I highly recommend the method “Parler Français” to improve your French.

 Whether you are a beginner or already have some knowledge of the language,

 this course is an effective way to quickly become able to communicate in French.


→ Madame/Monsieur : Sir

Current occupation :  Surgeon Scientist, (Praticien hospitalier, Chirurgien / Informaticien) .... - SWITZERLAND

Nationality:  SWISS
 From the start to the end of this course :    From B1 to C1+
How many hours of lesson ? Over what duration ?

42 hours lessons   Over a period of one year (The participant spent 3 days/ week in Strasbourg. Excluding holidays and business trips)

In what context ?
Senior research, postdoc at IHU Strasbourg (Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire) ( Data analyse /OR)

Note : 5 / 5

 Dr. Dannhauser’s method « Parler Français » teaches the French language in a very structured and vivid way.

 Therefore, it is very suited for scientists, physicians and all those, who want to learn French in an easy and analytical way.

 Thus, in little time a very good command of French can be acquired.

 In addition to refining my knowledge of French, the course by Dr. Dannhauser improved my understanding of French culture and the French political system.


Madame/Monsieur :  Madame

Current occupation : Prof. Politecnico di Milano

→ Nationality:  ITALIAN

From the start to the end of this course.NFrom Beginner to B2
How many hours of lesson ? Over what duration ?   40 hours lessons.  Over a period of 6 months
In what context ? 
Senior researcher at IHU Strasbourg (Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire).
Note : 5 / 5

  In a short time (6 months), I was able to talk in French with several people from different part of France (Different accents).

  Yes, I recommend this method.

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